Asset Recovery

Anguilla International Business Companies operate outside the jurisdiction of incorporation. These companies often maintain banking facilities in foreign countries, away from the country of registration. Based on the distinct flag strategy, offshore companies and their beneficial owners expressly seek efficient locations to optimize their company. The downside of this approach is that different legal systems apply in the event financial holdings are blocked or disappear. Asset recovery is then a laborious and lengthy procedure with uncertain outcomes.

Most offshore jurisdictions, Anguilla included, are British Overseas Territories. As such Anguilla employs the common law legal system. The result is that caselaw and jurisprudence has extra territorial effect in these countries. Asset recovery therewith considers the separation of ownership and control from the legal person. It follows that individual shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners are under normal circumstances not responsible for corporate conduct. On the other hand, individual beneficial owners have no rights to reclaim the corporate assets or regain access to corporate holdings.

Alongside company formation, bank account opening, and nominee services, we help our clients with asset recovery when their offshore bank account is blocked or terminated; when their offshore bank is forcefully shut down; when they are victimized by an (offshore) investment scam, and when customers and other stakeholders refuse to pay an invoice or fail to repay a borrowing or similar. Also, creditors who are wronged by an Anguilla offshore company may request our assistance to recover their funds.

Asset recovery for offshore companies is a cumbersome and lengthy process. The involvement of different jurisdictions, legal systems and regulatory requirements often delay a swift recovery. Fund recovery is distinguished by singular opportunities during administration, liquidation and other formal procedures. As such, victims should realize that there are no second chances and that funds that are paid are very unlikely to return to the pool of creditors for equal distribution.

Beneficiaries of Anguilla offshore companies or International Business Corporations, and victims of Anguilla companies in need of asset recovery services are invited to complete the contact form below. One of our representatives will contact you at shortest notice.

Anguilla Asset Recovery

If you are like most victims of offshore bank failure, investment fraud, or other forms of deception, you are probably skeptical, but cautiously optimistic, that Anguilla Asset Recovery can really make the difference and help to return your lost assets. You probably took several routes and tried multiple things to regain access to your hard earned assets. Unfortunately without much success. This means that it is now time for a new approach.

Most of our customers with Anguilla offshore companies are metaphorically ‘too large for the napkin and too small for the tablecloth’. Their outstanding credit is too large to ignore. They cannot afford to work with a generalist whilst unable to retain the high ticket firms and top notch lawyers to solve their problem. That is why they need a specialist. Legal Floris LLC is that specialist. We are educated, experienced, and tried and tested in the offshore financial industry. Our track record in the asset and fund recovery business is well-known by our niche.

Our clients are regular people like you and me. They are small business owners and natural persons who earned their money by hard work and prolonged wealth accumulation. Losing their money impacts the growth of their company, the stability of their wealth, and might even result in financial worries.

We do not go after the biggest frauds in history. There are others much more qualified to take on such cases. We do go after the smaller bank failures with a large non-resident customer base, and diminutive pyramid and Ponzi schemes, fake investments and other ways that separate credible yet smaller consumers from their money. The common denominator is that our clients cannot afford to lose their money and want it back.

This Anguilla asset recovery program is not for everyone, but if you need an unfair advantage that is affordable and efficient, you should reach out to us via the contact form below to discuss your needs and our solutions.

Most of the victims in offshore bank failure, investment fraud and deceit do not realize that the return of funds is not self-evident. All creditors want their money back and some start expensive legal battles at the expense of the debtors liquidity that becomes available for creditors during a voluntary payout or liquidation. It is a sad truth that those creditors who come first often get all their money back, while latecomers are disappointed with a small portion of their outstanding credit. As such, there is no time to waste in relation to Anguilla asset recovery and victims need alternative and superior strategies and tools to get things done sooner than later.

Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Waiting just won’t do.

We cannot turn back the time. Missing the boat is realistic in asset recovery procedures. Therefore, you should act now. Complete the form below and let’s get the ball rolling.

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