About Us

International entrepreneurs willing to incorporate offshore can choose from a wide variety of jurisdictions. The firm and steady growth of globalization triggered forum shopping where business professionals can determine the most appropriate and beneficial location to incorporate their international business. Corporate service providers, such as Equation CS, help these international entrepreneurs with their quest for the best location to lead their international business venture.

The objective of running a company in an offshore financial center is to create a stress free and prosperous corporate environment that supports global businesses without much third party intervention. To comply with the complex international legal framework and various regulations, the administrative and legal design of an offshore company is mission critical.

This website on Anguilla company formations provides initial information for those very business professionals who take their international business plans serious. The information on this website is provided to you by Equation CS and Legal Floris LLC. The contents are the result of our combined and vast experience in the offshore industry where both firms have established an expert position in international tax advisory, global asset recovery, company administration and related financial matters. Therefore, a holistic approach to international company formation and offshore financial planning results in a stable yet risk-averse position that allows our customers to benefit from corporate globalization with limited risk.

Company formation in Anguilla allows business professionals to trade globally, specifically in a virtual, remote and perpetual setting. Over the years, Equation CS and Legal Floris LLC established several Anguilla companies for international clients. This vast experience with various professional activities and branches, and local customs allows us to form companies in Anguilla fast and easy. In line with incorporation, we facilitate services needed to greatly benefit from the offshore company. These services include but are not limited to bank account opening and maintenance, administration and financial services.