Legal Floris LLC

Like most of the British Overseas Territories, the legal system in Anguilla is based on English law. It combines common law and statutes, whilst domestic company law allows alongside the Companies Act and the Limited Liability Companies Act, for foreign direct investment via the International Business Companies Act. Anguillan Business Companies utilize the local infrastructure for international business. Therefore, Anguilla can be seen as an offshore financial center.

Legal Floris LLC is a legal and financial services provider mainly operating in offshore financial centers, Anguilla included. The focus of our work is on asset and fund recovery both for offshore companies as well as victims of (offshore) financial fraud, theft and embezzlement. However, our clients and their business partners now and then need other corporate services such as company formation, management and financial services.

To accommodate on our clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective way, the partnership between Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS integrates the best of worlds. As a result, other professionals choose to work with us as well. This website on Anguilla Company Formations is one of the ways we provide interested parties with further information on the Anguillan business environment.

The tailored approach towards individual jurisdictions and specific business activities triggers knowledge based advise. As a consequence, advisory has a focus on the optimization of the offshore company structure where preparation and tailored services lead to stability. International Business Corporations registered in offshore jurisdictions have advantages. Yet, the company should be used in line with local rules in the country of residence of the beneficial owner. Avoiding fiscal challenges is always better than resolving them. Therefore, Legal Floris LLC emphasizes on long term security, corporate stability and durability to ensure that customers can focus on building and growing their business.

Further information on Anguilla Company Formations can be provided in person. You can complete our contact form below or on the about us page for Anguilla Company Formations. For more information on Legal Floris LLC, please visit our website here. To contact us directly, you can call us in the USA at 646-513-2855 or Cyprus at 25-057-544.